"What's Stopping You?"
SBI! Survey Results

We survey visitors to SiteSell.com regularly. You may have even participated in one. Recently, we posed an eye-opener!

It's normal to have concerns before making a commitment like this to your future. So we asked thousands of visitors to SiteSell.com the most important question we'll ever ask...

"What is stopping you from trying SBI!?"

Your answers spoke volumes to us. We came to a simple conclusion...

SBI! members ("SBIers") know that SBI! OVERdelivers. But you don't use SBI!. So you cannot know what they know.

We do provide proof of success that no other company in the world can match. Combine that with our 90 day risk-free trial and you get the highest-reward/lowest-risk ratio of any online business-building product in the world.

Still, our survey revealed many worries.

Some were not clear on the concept of "online business" (AKA "e-business"). If that's you, please see this.

Find Your Concern. It's Here!

Scan the list below and you'll see the worries of thousands of real-life people. Find yours. It's there!

We figured you might like to know what percentage of visitors feel like you do, so we include that figure, too.

When you find your concern, click on the link for its plain-talk answer.

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Price I'm Skeptical
I don't have any money (can't afford it). 18.2%

The cost is too high. 9.3%

How much does SBI! cost? 4.2%
I've been scammed before/looks like another scam. 2.8%

I don't like the way SiteSell's website looks. 2.8%

I don't believe it's possible to make money online. 1%

C'mon, it must be possible to succeed without SBI!. 1%
I Can't Do This I Can Do It Myself
Not sure if I can do it. 5.6%

I don't have enough time. 3.3%

I don't have a product to sell. 1.4%

I don't know how to write content. 1.4%
I already have a non-SBI! site or blog. 1.5%

I already have a domain name. May I transfer it? 2.3%

WordPress/other solutions are free. 1.4%

I'd rather do it myself. 1%
Still Unsure I'm Still Researching
I'm not sure of my niche. 6%

Can I move my website later? 1%

Is there a demo I can try? 1%

Are there example sites I can see? 1%
I just started looking, I need to read more. 17.8%

What exactly is SBI!? 6%

I plan on purchasing it later. 3.3%

I'm comparing with competitors. 1.4%
I Already Own SBI! Other Questions
I'm already an SBIer. 7%

I'm an SBIer with a question. 1%
How do I become an affiliate? 1%

One-of's 1%

Speak one-to-one with an SBI! Advisor

The Only Way to Eliminate All Doubt

Remember, SBI! comes with unmatched rates and levels of success and a 90 day risk-free trial. That puts all of the pressure on us to OVERdeliver and gives you the world's best reward:risk ratio.

Sometimes, you simply have to act. Eliminate all doubt by getting started with SBI!.

It's only then that you will absolutely know if SBI! is right for you...

  • If it is, you have a product that will impact your life, as it has for tens of thousands of others.
  • If it isn't, you lose nothing. Simply ask for your money back.