How to Cash In on
Your Website's Success

Build in Your Primary Monetization Model
Then Diversify: Add Multiple New Streams of Income

All types of "small small businesses" use SBI!.

Each uses C T P to build a thriving online presence, the site's motor. Then, and only then, each adds the "M"... they Monetize.

Each monetizes the evergrowing PREsold traffic according to the particular primary business model. Then they blend in additional monetization revenue sources (SHOW) to further increase income, stability and growth (see below).

How to Monetize a Website

Yes, you can build a brand new business online from scratch. Only SBI! empowers you to execute C T P, the motor that powers online success. "Motor running?" Great! You are set to Monetize...

Use the list of small business monetization models (see below) to help you build your monetization plan. Always remember, though, it all starts with "C"...

Content is the core of any great online business, from "start-up infopreneur" to "sophisticated seller" of goods or services. Once your theme-based site establishes the C T P motor, it's easy to M.

Time-pressed? No problem...

Start slow-but-steady, and use "no-product/low-maintenance" monetization models (e.g., Google AdSense ads, affiliate income, finder's fees, etc.), which will get your income started. When you're ready, move up to selling e-goods, hard goods, or your services.

Tailor to Time and Priorities

Planning a site about Caribbean tax havens? Good idea!

Suppose you're ready to go full-time with SBI! immediately. Let's say that you intend to monetize through the sale of a high-priced e-book and membership site about Caribbean tax havens. Go to it!

In a very short time, you can build a 100-page content-laden site that builds a tremendous flow of targeted, PREsold visitors, ready to purchase your pearls of wisdom. Another two months and you'll have more pages and publish a weekly newsletter... and you won't be able to "make enough books!"

As the business matures and grows, as your "Brand of One" builds, add another income stream. Offer personal consulting services. You could soon be earning an income that requires your own "offshore tax services!"

On the other hand...

Less time available? Maybe you have a full-time job or a young family? You can still build a profitable business merely by creating a page or two per week about Caribbean tax havens. And, since you're strapped for time, avoid dealing directly with customers for now. Choose the "no-product/low-maintenance" monetization models.

It will take you longer, but you'll build to $1,000+ per month. And then, choices open as growth continues. Quit your day job and go full-time on your site? Add staff? Build a bigger business? Or just keep doing what you're doing, earning income from a "semi-hobby."

The answer is not important right now. The key is... it's all up to you.

Regardless of your time, it's easy to add time-tailored, multiple streams of income with SBI!. Why? Because the "motor" delivers Top 1% results. SHOW

"OK, I Own My Traffic and It's Building Steadily.
How Many Ways Can I/Should I Monetize?"

Every business has a primary monetization model. It's the #1 way you make your money. For some businesses, it will be immediately obvious. For example...

You have an existing offline business. So you already have a primary revenue source. Your professional antique watch repair service sells your services. Or your peony nursery sells rare and beautiful peonies.

Great! Your SBI! site, driven by its C T P motor, is going to leverage those sales. But why stop there? Not every visitor wants to buy.

Convert a greater percentage of your PREsold, targeted traffic (those who simply leave your site without monetizing) into additional streams of revenue. To maximize revenues, diversify. Here's what to do...

Review the list of monetization models (see below).

There are many ways to convert warm, willing-to-buy, niche-info-seeking visitors into new income. Add two or more to your business. It's like having several businesses in one.

Just Beginning? Not Sure? Start As an Infopreneur

If you're just starting up, if you're not clear on your primary monetization model, build an "infopreneurial" site (see below). Then grow from there.

Consider each monetization model carefully. Depending on your particular niche and potential business intentions, some will apply to you. Some won't. Add the one(s) that fit your business, your time constraints, and your abilities best.

Never be dependent on any one income source. "All your eggs in one basket" is a high-risk strategy. By diversifying, you increase revenues, your business is more stable, and you are in charge of your business destiny.

Money-Making Website Types

If you already have a business, your primary monetization model fits one of those listed below. Naturally, your site will build upon that. But your site can do much more than that. Add two new monetization sources that best fit your business, your time constraints, and your abilities.

If you're starting a business, focus on the Infopreneur model first. This will be the core for now. But review the others, too, just to "prime your brain." Be aware of the possibilities, even if it seems remote and unlikely now. You'd be (you will be) surprised!

Infopreneurs (click to see how to add this revenue)

Now you can publish what you know and love... and monetize it. Together with a blend of affiliate programs and referral deals, AdSense anchors the generation of more income per month to your online, niche-oriented SBI! business.

Home Business/Work-From-Home (click to see how to add this revenue)

Thinking about starting a work-from-home business? Run a genuine business, your business, from home, full- or part-time. No "biz opp" here — this is real.

Stay-at-home spouses have built businesses with SBI! that start as the "second income stream" for the family, but grow to become the primary one! From teenagers to retirees... if you know something about something, you can do this.

For the "downsized," SBI! is the opportunity in disguise. Or do you have a 9-5 that you despise and want to own your life by working at home? Get SBI! — you are less than a year away from "quitting the day job" (our favorite feedback!).

Service Businesses (click to see how to add this revenue)

Offer a service related to your niche. Build a client base, whether clients are local (e.g., magician for house parties) or global (e.g., JavaScript programmer). Or start a completely new service business — what are you good at?

E-goods Creators/Sellers (click to see how to add this revenue)

Anything can be digitized nowadays — sell it! Do you have an idea for a much-needed e-book? Are you a photographer with collections of e-photos (the e-photo sales market will boom!)? Or maybe you want to sell an original type of software needed in your niche? Selling e-goods can be highly profitable.

Hard Goods Creators/Sellers (click to see how to add this revenue)

Are you a small business or a craftsman that creates/manufactures/retails your own hard goods (i.e., products that you can actually touch and that you ship — non-digital products)? Add your own store to your SBI! site and sell direct.

Sales and Rental Agents/Reps/Distributors (click to see how to add this revenue)

Do you represent great products either for sale (e.g., medical supplies, ice cream makers) or rent (e.g., apartments, heavy equipment)? See how SBI! can boost your sales/rentals by millions (literally). And, as an agent, you'll love the fact that since you own the C T P motor, you are in control.

Affiliates (click to see how to add this revenue)

Add dollars to your diversified monetization plan, without selling products of your own — no warehousing, packaging, shipping! What if you do sell your own products? No problem — choose merchants with products that complement what you sell (and vice-versa).

Bloggers (click to see how to add this revenue)

Blogging and having an affiliate site is the same thing to many solopreneurs, but in fact they can be totally different when it comes to monetization. Pure blogging, without offering any products can still be a viable money income source. If you are an authority in your niche, have a strong reader base and write quality articles, blog sponsorship can be a really lucrative channel.

Referrers/Finders (click to see how to add this revenue)

Another great "add-on" monetizer. This model is as classic as business itself... get paid a referrer or finder's fee by an offline business for finding a customer (or a "lead") for it. The Internet, though, makes it far more cost-effective and trackable.

Existing Online Businesses/E-commerce Sites (click to see how to add this revenue)

Already have an existing online business or e-commerce site? Do you need an ongoing stream of free, targeted traffic... motivated, interested buyers? Use SBI! as a traffic-funnel, for a tiny fraction of the cost of your primary site.

Network Marketers/Multi-Level Marketers (click to see how to add this revenue)

Forget those spammy online lead-generators. Imagine if you could build your own unique site that attracted and PREsold warm leads to call you all day long? No more "you chasing them." That's exactly what you and SBI! can achieve together.

Net Auction Sellers (click to see how to add this revenue)

Put eBay to work for you, instead of vice-versa. Sure, use your traffic to drive some auctions. But you now own your own traffic. So sell other goods through your online store. Build income through AdSense ads and complementary affiliate programs. This is the way to do it — be in control from Day 1.

Local Offline Businesses (click to see how to leverage this business)

If you own an offline business with local clientele, a website is a must. Think of it as a super-Yellow Pages ad... with 100 times the results... at 1/10 of the price. Use it to grow your business locally and, in many cases, to extend your market globally (yes, you!).

Web Professionals (click to see how to add this revenue)

Your design work is sharp and creative. Your clients like your sites. But they ask... "So how do I get traffic and generate revenue?" It's time to convert your satisfied clients into raving fans, while simultaneously boosting productivity and your own profits by 1000%.

Monetize! Build Your Plan

Let's take the mystery out of that term "e-commerce." Now you can focus on doing business...

Pick a primary monetization model. Blend in additional streams of income, diversifying it into a broader, more profitable business. And that's all e-commerce really is... using the Internet effectively to grow your business.

SBI! strips the technology and mystery away, replacing it with the clear, natural Content Traffic PREsell Monetize process that works.


It provides all the tools needed to execute the process perfectly, building your business profitably. You have a diversified information-driven business, ready to outperform the competition in this 21st century.

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SBI! Explained

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