Start Your C T P Motor
It Drives You And Your Business To "M"

Do Not Build Yet Another Unvisited Web Site

Standard, old-fashioned Web hosting continues to "put up sites quick-and-easy" and list them with "all the Search Engines." But they do it without a thought about C T P M.

Result? Any site can get a few pages into the engines, but less than 1% rank many pages high enough to be found. Without that free, self-generated, targeted traffic, they are doomed from DAY 1.

You can easily spend $10,000+ to build a well-designed, usable, functional site. But if it cannot generate its own organic, warm, willing-to-buy visitors, if it cannot build your "Brand of One," and if it cannot do that long-term, it might as well not exist. Which brings up the following...

There Are No Bustling Crowds Online...

No one ever happens to "just pass by your site and notice it." There are no crowds milling past your doorstep. Instead, individuals surf-through-search. Millions of individuals.

Consider this. Right at this moment, perhaps fifty individuals, scattered around the globe, are searching for information about...

If you are in any business related to "peonies," that's good news, if you know how to capitalize upon it. And naturally, this example is true for all businesses. People are searching for information related to your business, or some aspect of it.

But here's the bad news that most e-businesses do not understand...

They are not looking for you. No one is looking for you. After all, if they knew you existed, they would not be searching. They would already be customers.

Your prospective customers seek information. And yet...

What Is The Most Common Mistake Made
By Startup Online Businesses?

They fail to start at the beginning, by building the motor needed to drive to online success... C T P. What is the "C T P motor"?

Get in front of your potential clients by providing Content. Surfers find you, generating targeted Traffic. Win them over ("PREsell"). How? Give them what they want... quality solutions, answers, information!

Instead, most Web sites start at the end... Monetization. They build sites about their businesses and their products and then are all set to Monetize (i.e., collect the money). There is little or no Content... at least not the type of information that people seek. So what?

So no Traffic builds. And PREselling never gets a chance to build your "Brand of One."

Monetization is the final result of doing everything else (C T P M) correctly. "M" comes last.

The easiest part of any small business site is collecting the money. The hardest part is building the C T P motor that delivers the PREsold visitors who are ready to convert into dollars.

Trying to reach M without C T P is like trying to cross your country by automobile, without a motor. It can be done... but you will need a rather costly tow truck (AKA "advertising"). And that means you will never own your own motor.

We all like to do what is easy and fun (set up the "M") and avoid what is hard (the C T P). And that is why 99% of online small businesses fail. No motor.

By the time a standard Web site is up, "quick-and-easy," it's too late. The solution? The only solution? Do it correctly from the start, if you are just beginning. Or start over.

Have you already built an elaborate e-commerce site? Too advanced to start over? SHOW

Master A Niche
Through The Delivery Of Content

Why a "niche"?

A general-topic site (ex., "travel" or "books") will never defeat Expedia or Amazon. A niche site attracts highly targeted visitors... pre-customers who you can win over through the delivery of Content.

Remember The Fundamental Reality of the Web. People use it to seek information, to look for solutions. To succeed, you must start where your potential customer starts.

Replace the offline concept of "location, location, location" with "information, information, information." And the best kind of information is tightly focused, niche-oriented content.

Naturally, the theme and its related topical Web pages must tie into your business.

That way, Content Traffic PREsell flows smoothly to the last step, Monetize.


is the only way for the small business to succeed online, yet so few follow this natural, logical process. Do what less than 1% of small businesses do...

Build a site that will be searched-and-found by prospective new customers.... tens, then hundreds of them, and then thousands every day, steadily building as your site gains in relevance and reputation at the Search Engines. In other words...

Build a Site that Works

Whatever your niche, whatever your planned monetization model(s)...

Follow the best-practices-based, step-by-step SBI! process. Apply the built-in system of integrated tools to your own particular business to build a high-traffic, Theme-Based Content Site.

Why do you need and SBI! to do this? Three reasons...

  1. SiteSell was the first to recognize the natural process of C T P M. We understand it better than anyone else and constantly improve its results. More importantly...
  2. We show SBI! owners exactly how to do it. SBI! is the only product in the world that takes you step-by-step through this powerful process.
  3. SBI! provides all the tools that you need to execute C T P M flawlessly, integrated seamlessly into the step-by-step process.

All you have to do is deliver content about your theme/niche. SBI! handles the behind-the-scenes technology and complexity of building and marketing your Web site. That frees you to focus on what you know best... your business.

Now that you know the big picture of how to succeed online,
review the Quick Tour to see how SBI! makes sure you execute it to perfection.

Looking For

Look elsewhere. SBI! builds businesses. Real ones.

That takes some time and work. Yes, the SBI! tools do eliminate "tedious and technical" work and time.

But real business still needs "BAM"... Brain And Motivation.

Build Your C T P Motor

SBI! owners build traffic right into their sites from DAY 1. It takes some extra work upfront, but the long-term profit momentum makes it much more than worthwhile.

Meanwhile, every other company, from the largest multi-national Web host to the lowliest "Get Rich Quick" ("GRQ") outfit, promises instant gratification. It is all about the "immediate, instant, NOW" of getting a Web site, shopping cart and a merchant account.

It is also totally pointless. A site without traffic might as well be in the Sahara Desert. It just sits there. It might even be the most sensational Web site in the Whole Wide World. But no one sees it, so who cares?

The time and money to build traffic "after the fact" is enormous. The opportunity cost of that "instant gratification" turns into a very expensive, slow, inevitable failure. Do it right the first time by building traffic into your site from DAY 1. (If you have too much invested to start over, see the link above.)

Order and Try SBI! Today Risk-Free! Follow SBI!'s C T P M Start correctly from Day 1. Within a month or two, you will start to see results.

From there, PREsold, organic, free traffic builds and builds and builds. And so do your profits, on an ongoing, evergrowing basis.

Site Build It! Explained

So far, you have mastered "the motor," C T P.

Now that the motor is running, drive PREsold to M. Monetize

Already been there? Really start your motor and take a no-risk test drive.